New Hope Seattle, Jon Burgess Interview || Calibrate 2010 || THiNK Dialogue

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Andrae Crouch. “Through It All”

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Sings “Through It All”

Vocal/Piano: Andrae Crouch
Choir: Kristle Murden
Choir: Linda McCrary
Choir: Alfie Silas
Choir: Phyllis St James
Choir: Sandra Crouch
Choir: Howard Smith

Bass: Walton..?
Guitar: Wayne Brasel
Drums: Bill Maxwell
Organ: Harlan Rogers
Percussion: Alex Acuna
Piano: ?


United Methodist Broadcast Inspires Baptisms

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Anything can happen on live TV. St. Paul United Methodist Church in Abilene, Texas broadcasts 11:00 worship live every Sunday. Congregants say they witnessed the Holy Spirit at work one morning when their pastor invited viewers to become new in Christ through the living water of baptism.
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Hijacked Plane Disaster – Water Crash Landing

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Ethiopian Airlines Flight 961

In 1996, the hijacking of an Ethiopian Airline 767 became the worst in history when it crashed into the sea off the Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean. The pilot, Captain Leul Abate, was no stranger to hijacks, this was the third time an aircraft under his command had been threatened.

The Boeing 767-200ER was hijacked on 23rd November 1996 en route from Addis Ababa to Nairobi on a Bombay–Addis Ababa–Nairobi–Brazzaville–Lagos–Abidjan service, by three Ethiopians seeking asylum in Australia. The plane crash-landed in the Indian Ocean near Grande Comore, Comoros Islands, due to fuel exhaustion; 125 of the 175 passengers and crew on board died, along with the hijackers; the rest of the people on board survived with injuries.

At the time this incident took place, it was the deadliest hijacking involving a single aircraft. It fell to second place with the 11th September 2001 attacks. The incident is one of the only documented water landing attempts of a wide-body airliner with survivors.

Clip from the documentary “Extreme Machines – Fear of Flying : Crash Landing”.

Watch it here –

GFOP Sanctuary Choir “Tried Him And I Know Him/I Shall Wear A Crown”

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Apostle Ivory Jenkins & Greater Fountain of Praise (GFOP) Sanctuary Choir sings “Tried Him and I know Him” by Mattie Moss Clark and “I Shall wear a Crown” by Thomas Whitfield at Holy Trinity Church of the Living God.

Keys- Dwayne Armstrong
Drums- Jeremiah Morton

Virginia Beach MMA & Muay Thai Kickboxing

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If you have ever been interested in learning Muay Thai, Mixed Martial Arts, or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu now is your opportunity to learn from expert instructors right here in Virginia Beach. We have classes for all experience levels- beginners through competition. We are so confident in our program that we offer you 30 full free days of FREE training.

Feeding The Homeless in Albuquerque NM June 1st

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On June 1st 2016
Me and my buddy Thorn we decided to put our money together and feed the homeless.
We did just for the hell of it and to show that Albuquerque has a good heart and we wanted to share it.
So check it Out

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Award winning documentary Wrenched, by activist filmmaker ML Lincoln, captures the outrage and enduring inspiration of Edward Abbey, one of America’s original irascible defenders of wildlands. Abbey lit the flame of radical environmental activism and gave the movement its soul. Wrenched is a provocative blend of unique archival footage and compelling interviews of Abbey’s feisty monkey-wrenching friends – the pioneers of eco-activism and direct action. This film exposes the complex, pivotal and uncompromising moments in environmental history and brings them into the present with Tim DeChristopher, a leader of today’s generation on climate activism. The fight continues to sustain the last bastion of the American wilderness – the true spirit of the West. And Wrenched, following in Abbey’s footsteps, asks the question: “How far are we willing go in defense of wilderness?”

The 700 Club – October 8, 2018

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A dirt bike adventure ends in a life flight to the ER. Plus, Mike Tomlin is a Super Bowl champion not just focused on getting another ring. Find out why on today’s 700 Club.

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FOMO – Leftovers & Doggie Bags

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“Because Jesus is my king, He deserves my best and my finest.”

This week Pastor David begins our #FOMO series teaching us about generosity in a way that we hope it will inspire you as much as it inspired us.

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Hickory Grove Baptist Church’s Pastor Clint Pressley on The Gospel Project

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Hickory Grove Baptist Church in Charlotte North Carolina is a respected church in the Southern Baptist Convention. Hear why Pastor Clint Pressley implemented The Gospel Project for kids, students, and adults throughout their ministry areas.